How do I plan my lessons with the little ones? Next, I’m going to explain how I organize them when I’m teaching preschoolers and the lower primary grades.

The English sessions are organized as if they were a story, that is to say, they have a beginning, a middle and an ending.
The beginning consists of the greeting, talking about the weather and singing the “Hello song”.
The middle is the main activity, which could be a story, a game, a song, a role-play, etc.
And the ending is the moment when we clean up, sing the “bye bye song” and say our goodbyes.
When it comes to the method used in class, we use lots of songs (all of them with their little choreography), stories and traditional tales, and physical movement games. Everything is based on the TPR-Total Physical Response technique and the circle time activities.
What I really want as their teacher of English, is the pupils to have fun and link the English class with a way of learning a foreign language in a natural and relaxed way.

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